Confessions of a Saudi thobe designer
Posted on 14/04/2009 - 16:25
Long gone are the days of the over-sized black abaya and pale white floor-length thobe in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s thobe designers are taking the Saudi fashion scene by storm, filling shops and ateliers with colorful and hip thobes for those seeking a modern flare to their traditional garbs. MENASSAT had a chat with pioneer women’s thobe designer Filwa Nazer in Jeddah. thawb.jpg 
A Doctor in Galilee: A physician's struggle for community health and a people's survival
Posted on 02/04/2009 - 12:33
A rare glimpse into the dire health situation of Palestinians living in Israel, Hatim Kanaaneh's memoir - "A Doctor in Galilee: The Life and Struggle of a Palestinian in Israel" - reveals the politics of health care and community development affecting the Arab minority in a Jewish-only state. MENASSAT's Tania Tabar interviewed the author earlier this week to discuss Kanaaneh's work. DOCGALILEE.jpg 
Palestinian rap godfathers DAM represent for the '48ers
Posted on 31/03/2009 - 00:21
March 30 marks the annual Land Day (Youm Al-Ard) commemoration for Palestinians remembering the 1976 general strike in historic Palestine to oppose an Israeli government plan to confiscate land. Today, support for this movement “from the inside” takes on a number of different forms, including hiphop! Pioneer Palestinian rappers DAM sat with MENASSAT discussing what’s next in their music careers, and what is next for the Arab minority in Israel. DAM ELLIOT M 
Twelve Angry Lebanese
Posted on 12/03/2009 - 17:42
Reginald Rose's American play about courtroom justice - "12 Angry Men" - has found new life in Lebanon. Director Zena Daccache's adaptation - "12 Angry Lebanese"- is being performed by more than 40 participants from various backgrounds with one common denominator - they are all inmates at Lebanon's largest prison - "Roumieh"- the scene of a major riot this week that injured some 20 people. MENASSAT talked with the director to discuss her experience as the play continues it's run through March in Beirut.
angry lebanese 
Portrait of an artist as a young Palestinian
Posted on 13/02/2009 - 15:41
MENASSAT has been featuring the work of the Palestinian cartoonist Nidal El-Khairy for a few months now. Bitter, humorous, dark, and unflinching El-Khairy talked to MENASSAT about his work. bbc-nidal 
Rawi Hage's book Cockroach an existential Arab immigrant romp
Posted on 05/02/2009 - 16:26
In his new book Cockroach, the author of the critically acclaimed DeNiro's Game tells another version of the often romanticized immigrant success story. COCKROACH.jpg 
Celebrating Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture
Posted on 26/01/2009 - 17:59
Despite Israeli objections Jerusalem was chosen as this year's Capital of Arab Culture. But festivities planned for January 22 were postponed because of the war on Gaza, leaving people wondering if the UNESCO-sponsored cultural event will happen at all. quds.jpg 
Princess Hijab: Advertising hijabist with a cause
Posted on 23/01/2009 - 22:19
A young Paris-based guerilla street artist who calls herself Princess Hijab (PH) has been "hijabizing" advertisements, spray-painting veils and chadors onto the lightly dressed models. MENASSAT had a chat with the mysterious artist who says she is fighting Jihad through art. princess hijab 
A Berlin mouth with a Palestinian heart
Posted on 12/12/2008 - 12:24
Sahira is Berlin's most successful Hip Hop singer. She has already sung for Bushido, established her own label, Imanimusic, and has now completed her second album. She sings about German youth, her faith, Palestine, and true love. Qantara's Nimet Seker met the singer at her studio in Berlin. sahira2.jpg 
Egyptians unite – for the duration of a movie
Posted on 09/12/2008 - 16:40
Relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt are strained these days. Violent disputes are frequent. Now a film has come out that puts a satirical spin on the religious fanaticism and provides a glimmer of hope for peaceful coexistence. Jürgen Styriak reports from Cairo on the very successful "Hassan and Morcos." hassanwamorcos.jpg