'These photos were inside the kids before they took them'
Posted on 11/06/2008 - 18:41
AFP photographer Ramzi talks to MENASSAT about Lahza, a photography project which lets Palestinian children in Lebanon tell the story of their daily lives in the camps through pictures. Ramzi Haidar - founder of Zakira REAL 
An Israeli's Waltz with Bashir
Posted on 27/05/2008 - 16:22
The most talked about film at this year's Cannes film festival did not get any awards but has already started a buying frenzy in North America. 'Waltz with Bashir' is Israeli director Ari Folman's personal animated account of the massacre of Sabra and Chatila in 1982. WALTZ_WITH_BASHIR_338325a.jpg 
A Frenchwoman's Lebanese prison ordeal
Posted on 05/05/2008 - 15:31
French-Lebanese Joëlle Giappési developed a heroine addiction in her early twenties and subsequently spent five years in Lebanon's women's prisons for drug dealing. Today, she runs an Arabic language school and she is the author of a memoir, Les Murs ne font pas la prison (The Walls do no make the Prison). giappesi.jpg 
'You have to be interested in the other side'
Posted on 02/04/2008 - 15:03
In his most recent novel, CrocAttack, Israeli writer Assaf Gavron provokes his readers with unusual perspectives. With both sensitivity and a large dose of black humor, the writer explores the inner world of an Israeli victim of terrorism and a Palestinian suicide bomber. Qantara's Ariana Mirza spoke to Assaf Gavron about the situation in the Middle East. qantara 
'Betrayed,' or the death of an American dream
Posted on 11/03/2008 - 18:54
New Yorker Magazine writer George Packer's play "Betrayed" highlights the desperate situation of Iraqis who chose to work with the U.S. forces in Iraq at the risk of their lives, only to see America turn its back on them. MENASSAT saw the play in New York City. betrayed1 
Gaza artists reflect on 60 years of human rights
Posted on 22/02/2008 - 13:35
Gaza's artists have been given a 40-meter long wall to express their thoughts about the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. gaza wall.jpg 
[ Saalouk #4: Joe Kodeih ] Bringing the Middle Beast back to the Middle East
Posted on 08/02/2008 - 17:47
MENASSAT talks to Lebanese playwright Joe Kodeih about his acclaimed production of 'The Middle Beast,' which premiered in Arabic in Beirut on January 24, five years after it opened in English on Broadway. Middel Beast 
[ Saalouk #4: Joe Kodeih ] 'I want to push people to ask questions - so maybe they can change their reality'
Posted on 08/02/2008 - 13:00
Five years after it premiered in English on Broadway, Lebanese playwright Joe Kodeih has brought his acclaimed production of 'The Middle Beast' back where it came from. MENASSAT talks to Kodeih about the challenges of bringing something new to a story that has been told over and over again. Joe Kodeih 
A happy family no more
Posted on 06/02/2008 - 17:38
In the first article from MENASSAT's new partner, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Nicolien Den Boer talks to the three remaining members of the Happy Family Group, a collective of Iraqi clowns. They fled to Damascus after two group members were assassinated in Baghdad. iraqi clowns.jpg 
[ Saalouk #2: Tom Young ] 'I want to tell the truth – not just the tragedy but also the beauty'
Posted on 25/01/2008 - 12:49
The paintings of David Roberts, depicting an idyllic 19th-century Levant, are ubiquitous in many households in the region. Now, another romantic British painter, Tom Young, follows in Roberts' footsteps but with a difference. In Young's 21st-century Levant, not all is idyllic, as the artist takes his sketchbook to places like bombed-out South Beirut. TYoung-interrogation.jpg