Agenda 2008



A. Main Program – regional  workshops


     National Meetings

            Manama          May     27       

            Amman           June     18       

            Cairo               July      23       

            Beirut              Oct      23

            Sana’a             Nov     08

            Rabat               Nov     20


     Workshop Working with the Web: Building news websites

            Amman            2009                Regional,  specialist  -delayed


     Workshop Photo journalism

            Beirut              2009                specialists –contracted out 

B. Main Program – regional/ national  workshops


     Workshops Legal Protection

            Amman           May     22-24   national; ItF alumni + Syria

            Manama          May     27-29   national; ItF alumni + Kuwait

            Cairo               July      24-26   national, ItF alumni

            Beirut              July      31-02   national; ItF alumni    

            Rabat               August 21-23  national, ItF alumni

            Sana’a             Oct      11-13   national, ItF alumni


     Workshops Voices of Civil Society

            Amman           June     14-18   national, selected

            Cairo               June     24-28   national, selected

            Beirut              July      08-12   national, selected       

            Sana’a             Nov     03-07   national, selected

            Rabat               Nov     14-18   national, selected

            Amman           Nov     26-01   TV

            Cairo               Dec      15-18  

     Workshops Searching on the Web

            Cairo               June     05-06   ItF alumni – national in Egypt (pilot)

            Amman           Oct      12-13   ItF alumni – national

            Cairo               Oct      14-15   ItF alumni - national


C. Train the Trainers support


Support trainers Egypt

            - Egyptian Syndicate  Meeting the Generations (5 junior trainers)

            - Egyptian Syndicate  Economic Group: (one junior trainer)

            - Egyptian Syndicate: Legal Protection (two junior trainers)

            - Egyptian Newspapers: Legal Protection (two junior trainers)

            - al Gamaheir Newspap News writing (one junior trainer)    

            - Cairo University:      Different subject (five trainers)


Support trainers Jordan

            - Irex Yarmouk           (5 junior trainers)


Support trainers Lebanon

            - al Akhbar                  Civil Society Reporting  (2 junior trainers)

            - Maharaat                   Evaluation (3  junior trainers)

            - as Safir                      Correspondent training (one junior trainer)

D. Country Programs


Country Program Egypt

Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists

            -  October 17-19          Searching for the web