Press freedom reports

The 2006 annual report by the NUSOJ documents cases of violations of press freedom that took place from January to December 2006. The report lists thirty cases of media professionals being murdered, injured, arrested, banned, intimidated and censored at some stage in their media work or because of their journalistic activities. As well, it lists incidents involving media institutions being attacked, censored and closed.


The 2006 annual World Press Freedom Review by the International Press Institute observes that “the year of 2006 was a dark one for journalists. Several media freedom violations were reported over the year. Moreover, the media must register with the Ministry of Information, and can face penalties for false reporting from the same authority. (...) Perhaps ironically, the weak, or nonexistent, central government makes it easier for private media outlets to operate quite freely. There are a plethora of private newspapers, radio and television stations, critical of the various factions. However, most outlets are linked to one faction or another. In the two self-proclaimed autonomous regions of Puntland and Somaliland, the situation is even worse, and journalists that cover issues related to politics and security are often singled out and harassed or attacked.


Reporters Without Borders annual Press Freedom Index puts Somalia in 144th place.