Press freedom reports

The International Press Institute’s 2006 World Press Freedom Review states “that a pardon issued by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in July for all journalists convicted of defamation and 'insulting' the country's institutions raised hopes for an improvement in press freedom in Algeria.

"The pardon was not, however, accompanied by any amendments to the restrictive press law and the judicial harassment of journalists continued.

"A barrage of defamation and libel cases clogged the courts this year and a number of journalists were imprisoned.

"The state campaign against the independent press is waged most persistently in the courtroom, but economic constraints imposed through unfair advertising policies and state control of printing presses also present difficult challenges.

"Access to information is limited and journalists are often restricted from obtaining government records.

"In February, the President announced new censorship measures that restrict journalists from any commentary or investigation of the bloody civil war that ravaged Algeria in the 1990s.”